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San Diego is one of America’s top cities for cyclists, boasting some of the nation’s best bike-sharing programs, miles of bike lanes and the upcoming Bayshore Bikeway. Riding bikes is a great way to stay healthy and active, but distracted drivers and poor city planning can make the roads dangerous for cyclists.

After a bicycle accident, victims could face life-threatening injuries that rack up thousands in medical bills, lost wages and long-term rehabilitation. Even if the victims were not at fault, they could find themselves facing a mountain of debts after their recovery.

How Could a Civil Lawsuit Help Me?

Civil lawsuits help accident victims hold negligent parties responsible for their actions. A personal injury settlement can help alleviate financial burdens, allowing the victim to focus on healing.

Civil attorney Bonnici Law Group is an avid San Diego cyclist, so he is well aware of the dangers facing bicycle riders. His law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of cyclists and pedestrians, the most “vulnerable users” on the road.

Joshua Bonnici founded his own law firm about 10 years ago, because it allowed him to pay personal attention to each case. His compassionate approach focuses on the needs of his clients, and demanding justice is his top priority.

In addition to bicycle accidents, Joshua Bonnici defends victims of brain and spinal cord injuries, boating accidents and car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Every client represented by Bonnici Law Group benefits from his wealth of knowledge, legal expertise and commitment to client satisfaction.

Personal Injury Attorney in San Diego, CA

If you decide to pursue a personal injury case, the attorney you choose may make a huge difference. To discuss your bicycle accident or serious injury, schedule a free consultation with Bonnici Law Group at our Scripps Ranch location:

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[Did You Know: The average age of cyclists who died in crashes with motor vehicles was 41 in 2009, up from 32 in 1998 and 24 in 1988.]

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