Motorcycle Accident Injures One Person, Kills One Cow

A motorcycle accident on February 26 in Sonoma County left one man hospitalized and one cow dead, according to the Napa Valley Register. Richard Watkins, 61, struck a cow while riding southbound on Highway 1, according to Officer Jon Sloat.

Watkins flew from his bike and suffered major injuries—fortunately, he had his motorcycle helmet on. Paramedics airlifted Watkins to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The cow died at the scene. Many open-range cattle farms are in West Sonoma, where cattle roam in unfenced pastures. Sloat warned that all motorists should be especially cautious in the area.

An estimated 92% of motorcyclists have never taken a safety course—they either taught themselves or learned from a friend. Proper safety classes and training reduces your accident risk significantly. Over half of motorcyclists involved in an accident have less than 5 months experience on that particular motorcycle. All motorcyclists need to take a training class before they begin to ride, as well as continue taking them as long as they plan to ride.

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