New Vehicle Recalls Issued for Defective Airbags

Photo of an accidentToyota Motor Corp and Nissan Motor Corp have expanded recalls to include another 637,000 vehicles in the U.S. The auto manufacturers are responding to issues with Takata-produced airbags, which have been part of a separate but much larger recall.

Takata had previously faced recalls for a defect that caused some of its airbags to deploy with too much force during car accidents, injuring or killing passengers.

Investigators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suspect that humid weather conditions might be responsible for the new defect, which can cause the airbag to deploy incorrectly and rupture during a car accident.

Since the start of both recalls, Takata airbags have been linked to 105 injuries and 6 deaths. Takata now faces multiple wrongful death lawsuits from individuals and family members who have lost loved ones.

>How Can Car Owners Check for Recall Information?

In some cases, the auto or parts manufacturer will report a defect and a recall will be issued. After that point, the dealership, manufacturer or another party will try to reach the vehicle owner. In other cases, there are ways car owners can utilize modern technology and pull recall information themselves.

Car owners can visit the NHTSA website and enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) to find recall information. For many people, the VIN can be found on the left side of the vehicle dashboard.

Recall information can also be sent directly to smart phone users through an app developed by the NHTSA. Apple and Android devices can use a smart phone app that will look up recall information once the user enters the VIN. Smart phone applications, tablets and other high-tech devices will likely make it easier for car owners to be alerted to recalls.

In some cases, people hurt by defective auto parts can greatly benefit by contacting an injury attorney. Contacting an attorney costs nothing, and can help accident survivors find options to aide in recovery.

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