One-Armed Man Rescued After Boating Accident

Harbor police in San Diego rescued a one-armed man on the morning of April 28 after a boating accident, according to After he was pulled out of the water, rescuers attempted to gain control of the unmanned 16-foot aluminum boat.

Port of San Diego Ron Powell said the man was rescued approximately 200 yards from the boat ramp off Shelter Island. Witness Leo Turner was standing on the ramp watching the rescue.  He described the unmanned boat as going “pretty fast” in circles as the one-armed man attempted to swim away from its path.  He described the man as being in his mid to late 20’s.  Another boat pulled the man out of the water, avoiding catastrophic personal injury.

Rescuers were unable to board and control the boat before it sank into the harbor.  They were still attempting to pull the boat out at the time of publication.

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