Police Avoid Dog Attack

This video shows just how unpredictable and aggressive canines can be. These officers react quickly and effectively, and they are able to diffuse the situation without resorting to lethal force. Unfortunately, most people do not carry a taser or any weapon and may not have the training and reaction time these police officers have.

Approximately 1,000 Americans are hospitalized daily for injury from a dog bite, according to DogsBite.org. 77 percent of these attacks from pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf hybrid breeds cause bodily harm, and 73 percent of those injured are children.

Some studies indicate that dogs that are chained up or tethered for extended periods of time can be more aggressive. Twenty-five percent of all fatal dog attacks involve a chained dog.

Do you think the police were justified in returning the aggressive dog to its owner? More information about dog bites is available on our website. Call our office today at (619) 853-5101 if you or a loved one have been the victim of a dog attack.

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