Safety First for Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween

As October begins, you can bet that young children and families across the country are anticipating Halloween, and the fun activities and trick-or-treating that come with it. Trick-or-treating is fun for many families and even for those without children, as it gives them a chance to mingle and interact with neighboring families. But dozens of youngsters approaching your door in the dark can present some unanticipated problems. Here are some tips for Halloween—if you plan to pass out candy—to ensure everyone has a fun and safe night:

  • Make sure your property is well lit. This way trick-or-treaters and parents can easily see walkways and any potential hazards.
  • Clean up your yard. Remove any rakes from the lawn, skateboards in the driveway, make sure pets are secure, etc.
  • Check out the candy before you pass it out. Make sure the goodies are intact in the original packaging and nothing appears out of the ordinary.
  • Keep an eye on decorations. Jack-o-lanterns with flames can be a fire hazard, so be sure that they are secured and will not potentially ignite a child’s costume. Make sure any strobe lights or audio decorations will not startle young kids and cause them to fall or run away.
  • Keep an eye out. Beggar’s night can be chaotic, but be sure to look out for anything that seems out of the ordinary, such as a young child without a guardian—or an adult without a child even. Report any suspicious activity to police.

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