San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Weighs In On Cable Car Accident

Seven people were injured in a San Francisco cable car accident on February 7, according to U-T San Diego. Authorities reported that an alarm failed to sound before one of the cars hit a bolt and jolted to an abrupt stop, launching the passengers and injuring seven of them. Five of the injured passengers were rushed to the hospital, including an elderly man with life-threatening injuries.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) representative Paul Rose told reporters that the alarm, which sounds to alert passengers the car is stopping, failed to sound after a bolt became loose from a street surface plate that was lodged in the tracks. The bolt fell into the channel containing the cable pulling the car.

The SFMTA announced plans to conduct regular inspections for all of the bolts on panels along the world-famous cable car route. It is great that the agency plans to check on these things in the future, and hopefully it will prevent future injuries.

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