San Diego Wrongful Death Attorney Has Questions Following Small Plane Crash

Three people were killed in a small plane crash in San Diego on December 29, 2012, according to ABC News. The plane crashed in the Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve just north of Santee. The pilot and both passengers were pronounced dead on the scene. The plane departed from a small airfield near Phoenix.

“The plane was in some type of spin coming out of the sky,” said San Diego County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dave Hale. “We don’t know much more than that.”

A hiker in the area reported hearing an explosion from the sky and seeing the plane go down.

“He attempted to hike to where it was but couldn’t reach it,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Robert Catano. “The hiker said it looked like the plane may have been doing stunts, and never came out of it.”

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the accident. If the pilot was operating in a reckless fashion, his estate could be liable for the wrongful death of the passengers. A thorough investigation will hopefully provide answers for the victims’ families. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident.

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