San Diego Accident Attorney Urges Safe Boating Practices

Officials in Arizona have charged a man with manslaughter, stemming from an incident occurring on Lake Havasu in March 2012. The Mohave County Attorney’s Office filed  charges against Richard Allen Timmsen, 26, of Mesa, Arizona.

Timmsen was the operator of a watercraft that was towing 21-year-old Dwarkesh Prasannvathanam on an inner tube. Prasannvathanam fell off the tube and drowned. He was not wearing a life jacket. Timmsen is charged with felony endangerment and operating the boat under the influence of drugs.

Lake Havasu is a popular spot for young people from California and Arizona to kick back and enjoy themselves—but there is no excuse for operating a watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The U.S. Coast Guard enforces a federal law in every state that makes it a crime to boat under the influence. Most states also passed their own laws outlawing boating while intoxicated.

Tip of the week:  If you and your friends decide to spend a day out on the lake, be sure you have a safe operator who is licensed and not under the influence and have plenty of life jackets. Check with local authorities about additional rules while on the water.

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