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How Do I Deal with an Attacking Dog While Cycling?

Our fluffy, four-legged companions are normally nothing but friendly. Bicycles, unfortunately, have a way of provoking the worst canine behavior. This makes sense, as dogs descended from wolves, and wolves evolved to chase down their prey. A speeding cyclist may cause a dog’s predatory instinct to kick in. If you find yourself in such a situation, here’s the strategy you should take to deal with an attacking dog. How to Deal with and Attacking Dog Use your water bottle – You can use a water bottle as a harmless but effective weapon to protect yourself from a dog. If the dog has given chase and is showing signs of attacking, squirting him in the eyes can make him slow down. Normally, this will startle him enough for you to get away safely. Keep dog treats with you – If you’re worried about the dog at an unavoidable house on your…
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Toddler Fatally Struck in San Diego Car Accident

On November 20, a fatal accident occurred in San Diego in the 4400-block of Wilson Avenue in the Normal Heights neighborhood, when a toddler crept out of a house functioning as a day care and into the street. The caretakers in the house were unaware of the toddler’s disappearance at the time. The 22-year-old daughter of one of the caretakers came over for a visit and, upon leaving, ran over the 16-month-old toddler. The driver left, unaware of the collision, and continued towards home until police stopped her near Fairmount Avenue and Home Avenue where police inspected her car. The caretakers inside were equally ignorant of the toddler’s disappearance. The toddler’s aunt, a 10-year-old girl, discovered his body in the driveway. Police officers were first to arrive on the scene. They performed CPR on the child until paramedics arrived to shuttle him to the hospital. Sadly, the child died en…
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Spring Valley Car Accident Ends in Grocery Store

According to NBC 7 in San Diego, a November 3 car accident left a car crashed in the produce section of a grocery store. As shoppers were taking care of some Sunday afternoon shopping at a Spring Valley, California Save-A-Lot, an 85-year-old man drove his car through the front of the store and all the way into the produce section. “It sounded like an explosion,” Wayne Rambo, a Spring Valley resident who was across the street at the time of the accident, told NBC 7. “I thought one of the washing machines in the laundromat exploded or something.” The accident happened shortly before 2 p.m. The 85-year-old had just dropped his daughter off in front of the Save-A-Lot in the 8700 block of Broadway and was going to park the car, but ended up plowing into the store instead. “It looked like a bomb went off because there was glass…
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