Toddler Fatally Struck in San Diego Car Accident

On November 20, a fatal accident occurred in San Diego in the 4400-block of Wilson Avenue in the Normal Heights neighborhood, when a toddler crept out of a house functioning as a day care and into the street. The caretakers in the house were unaware of the toddler’s disappearance at the time. The 22-year-old daughter of one of the caretakers came over for a visit and, upon leaving, ran over the 16-month-old toddler.

The driver left, unaware of the collision, and continued towards home until police stopped her near Fairmount Avenue and Home Avenue where police inspected her car. The caretakers inside were equally ignorant of the toddler’s disappearance. The toddler’s aunt, a 10-year-old girl, discovered his body in the driveway. Police officers were first to arrive on the scene. They performed CPR on the child until paramedics arrived to shuttle him to the hospital. Sadly, the child died en route to the hospital.

“There was no immediate indication that intoxication or unsafe driving played a role in the accident” according to a police officer on the scene. “This is a tragic situation that unfortunately is very common, not only in San Diego but throughout the United States.”

An automobile-child safety advocacy group, Kids and Cars, reported 54 driveway fatalities this year. This number could be much lower if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would implement the new standards mandated by the 2008 Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act, requiring increased rear-view visibility. However, new standard implementation has been pushed back until 2015. The Department of Transportation estimated that roughly 200 deaths could have been prevented if the rules were implemented when originally planned.

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Did You Know: A family relative is behind the wheel in the majority of child back-over accidents.

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