Taking a Closer Look at Dog Bite Laws

According to John Wilkens of SignOnSanDiego.com, the number of dog attacks in the area has been increasing steadily over the last four years.  One of the more recent was an attack last month on a 75-year-old woman in Paradise Hills by two pit bulls.

The dog attack sparked an ongoing debate—how much is being done to prevent these attacks.  The dogs involved in the attack on the woman in Paradise Hills had bitten a neighbor six months prior, and the only was only issued a warning.

“Minor bites happen all the time,” said Dawn Danielson, director of animal services.  “Declaring a dog dangerous based on a singular incident would be analogous to putting someone in state prison based on the first minor infraction.”

This is an ongoing debate in which there are no easy answers, but by holding dog owners more accountable for the actions of their pets, people will be less likely to bring dangerous breeds into their homes—and when they do they will exercise more caution.

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