Truck Accident Takes Down Overpass

A tanker truck hauling approximately 9,000 gallons of gasoline crashed into a concrete barrier in Montebello, just east of Los Angeles, according to the Huffington Post. The driver escaped injury, despite the fact that the truck burst into flames upon impact.

The flame from the fire burned so intensely that the truck melted and fell, cracking the roadway beneath. The overpass it rammed into sustained heavy damage, and the fire department raced to extinguish the flames. Authorities closed down the road during heavy rush hour, causing major delays. Engineers decided that the damage to the overpass was too severe to attempt to save it, and they collapsed the overpass.

“You will look up overhead and where you used to see bridge, you will see sky,” said Kelly Markham, spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation.

Luckily, this truck accident did not kill or injure anyone. Possible tort reform in California could place a cap on the punitive damages for trucking companies and insurance companies in the event of injury or wrongful death in such accidents. These companies need to have a financial motivation to make sure that their drivers are qualified and navigating the roadways safely.

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