Twenty Injured in California Train Accident

At least 20 people were injured near Hanford, California after a commercial truck collided with a train, according to CBS News. The truck collided with the Amtrak train, which was carrying 169 passengers, causing it to derail on the afternoon of October 1 in California’s Central Valley. Authorities reported that at least 20 train passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries.

“Right after it happened I see all these people with a terrified look on their faces, all trying to get to the front of the train,” said passenger Edmund Sanders. “I tried as best I could to try and calm people down and help them get off that train. I really think that God has his hands on that train today.”

After the collision, the train ran another 600 feet, hit a switchback and derailed, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Scott Harris. Kings County Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam described most of the injuries as bruises, scrapes and broken bones. The accident remains under investigation. Officials are unsure of the speed of the truck or train at the time of the collision, but the average speed of an Amtrak train is 70 to 80 mph and the speed limit on the road the track intersects with is 55 mph.

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