Two Adults, Three Children Injured in Car Accident

A California car accident left five injured in Scott Valley, according to the Siskiyou Daily. Two of the victims are adults and three are children, all from Fort Jones. The collision occurred on Quartz Valley Drive, according to the California Highway Patrol. The driver of a 1998 Nissan, Andrew Armstrong, 33, veered off the side of the road, striking a tree. His wife, Jamie Langdon, 31, and his three children were in the car.

Responders rushed all five passengers to Fairchild Medical Center in Yreka. Two of the children, ages six and seven, were wearing seat belts, but not properly. The driver told police that he was distracted while driving from “animals fighting” in the car.

When people think of distracted driving, usually texting or using a phone comes to mind. But anything that takes your attention away from the road and driving is dangerous. This includes eating, talking and certainly trying to control animals.

“The officers of the CHP would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians that all children under 8 years of age or less than four-foot-nine inches in height are required to be in a belt positioning booster seat or other child safety seat when transported in a motor vehicle,” the CHP said in a released statement. “It is imperative that all drivers strictly maintain their focus on their driving and the roadway around their vehicle regardless of any distraction occurring within the interior of the vehicle.”

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