Two Women Killed trying to Assist Car Accident Victims

Two female Good Samaritans died after attempting to rescue others from a traffic accident on August 22, according to the Los Angeles Times. Irma Zamora had jumped out of the car to assist the victims, despite her husband’s warning her to wait in the car as he called 911. Zamora rushed to assist the driver of an SUV who was trapped in his car after striking a fire hydrant and a power pole. Zamora and the other witness trying to assist stepped into a puddle on a front lawn that came into contact with a live wire.

“I saw a lady come out of nowhere,” Christie Vergini, another witness, told reporters at Fox News in Los Angeles. “She walked, stepped in the water, fell back on her back with her arms straight out.”

The other victim was a woman who lived near the scene of the accident. The driver of the SUV lost control of the vehicle before striking the hydrant and a pole and laying to rest on a lawn. The driver and 5 passengers suffered minor injuries. The driver told a witness at the scene that the brakes on the SUV gave out, but a witness reported hearing brakes screech for as long as 5 seconds before the crash.

“It’s horrific, very sad for the families of these women and everyone else involved,” said Detective Bill Bustos of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley Traffic Division. “They were just trying to help.”

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