Speeding Led to Sweetwater Trustee’s Chula Vista Car Wreck

The investigation into a July car accident that nearly killed Sweetwater trustee John McCann has uncovered that the other driver’s speeding caused the wreck. According to NBC 7 in San Diego, during the course of the investigation by Chula Vista Police, it was discovered that the vehicle that caused the accident was traveling 87 mph in a 45 mph zone.

“It potentially could have winded up in a fatality if he had been driving any faster,” said McCann.

As it was, McCann, 45, was transported to UCSD Medical Center after the accident with a head injury. The other driver, 50, was taken to Scripps Hospital with a small cut to his right forearm and back and knee pain.

The accident happened on July 24 at the intersection of Telegraph Canyon Road and Old Telegraph Canyon Road. As McCann was turning left in his 2006 Saturn SL, he crossed the path of the other driver’s 2011 Dodge Challenger, resulting in a collision. McCann’s left turn was investigated but, ultimately, ruled out as being the cause of the accident.

“Mr. McCann’s turning movement was not an associated factor in the collision,” Gary Wedge of the Chula Vista Police Department wrote in an email update about the investigation.

Although the findings of the investigation had not yet been released at the time of this report, a spokesperson for the Chula Vista Police Department did confirm last month that the cause of the accident was the other driver traveling at an unsafe speed. The police were able to use data from the “black boxes,” similar to the Event Data Recorders used in airplanes, in the Challenger and the Saturn to determine what led to the accident.

According to police, if the Challenger had been traveling the posted speed limit, it would not have collided with the Saturn.

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Did you know?: In 2010 in California, for every person killed in a traffic collision, there were 84 people injured.

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