Pedestrian Killed in Del Cerro Car Accident

A pedestrian died after being struck by a car at a Del Cerro intersection, according to ABC 10 News in San Diego. The accident happened on October 11 at around 3:40 p.m. NBC 7 in San Diego is reporting that the victim was a 65-year-old woman, and the driver was a 25-year-old female.

The fatal collision occurred at the intersection of Navajo Road and Margerum Avenue. The victim was crossing the street when the 25-year-old, who is being investigated for distracted driving, hit her with her car.

“The pedestrian, according to numerous witnesses, stopped in the middle of the intersection when the driver was approaching her and put her arm up,” SDPD Sgt. Art Doherty told NBC 7.

While the initial collision may have been enough to kill the victim, the aftermath was particularly brutal. After the 65-year-old was struck, her body was reportedly dragged several feet before the vehicle finally stopped.

SDPD had to close Navajo Road for several hours while officers investigated and cleaned up the accident site. The victim’s brother had to receive assistance from crisis counselors on site. He was reportedly visibly shaken and emotional upon arriving at the intersection.

According to police, the driver remained at the scene following the wreck. Investigators were checking her cell phone and data records as a part of their distracted driving investigation at the time of this report.

Just because drivers are supposed to be paying attention to the road, does not mean they always are. As much as distracted driving should not happen, it is a very real problem and one that many motorists and pedestrians are paying for with their lives.

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Did you know?: In a review of NHTSA studies from 1991-2007, only 60 percent of pedestrians expected cars to stop when in crosswalks.

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