There is a Massive Bicycle Recall Happening Now Involving 13 Manufacturers

bicycle accidentA massive bicycle recall is underway involving no less than 13 different manufacturers. The recall is in response to concerns over the safety of front disc brakes and quick release levers.

Customers who have complained that open quick release levers on the front wheel have made contact with the front disc brake, which can cause the front wheel to suddenly lock up in the middle of riding.

Three accidents have been attributed to this manufacture defect as of now. Two riders were not seriously injured, but the third sustained a broken finger, shoulder and wrist injuries, and multiple abrasions.

Manufacturers say that around 1.3 million bicycles are affected by this defect, including about 245,000 sold in Canada and another 9,000 sold in Mexico. This recall includes bicycles sold between 1998 and 2015. Any bikes with a front disc brake and a black or silver front quick release lever with less than 6mm of space between the fully opened lever and the brake rotor are included in the recall.

Anyone who owns a bicycle that is part of this recall should immediately stop riding and contact the manufacturer to get a free quick release lever installation.

Federal law prohibits anyone from selling a product that has been publicly recalled, either voluntarily or by court order.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for making sure that consumers everywhere are protected from unreasonable risks involving defective products such as this. Defective products are reportedly responsible for over $1 trillion in medical bills, property damages, and awards in lawsuits each year in the U.S. alone.

If you are injured due to a defective product, consult an attorney today about possible options going forward. You may be entitled to damages such as medical bills and property damage.

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