Victims Escape Serious Injury After Car Crashes Into San Diego Restaurant

Diners in a San Diego restaurant were shaken after a car crashed into the dining room as they ate, according to ABC News. A female driving a 2000 Honda lost control and crashed into a window at the Surait Farsan Mart in Mira Mesa. Owner Raj Patel was working in the kitchen at the time of the car accident.

“There were another two ladies sitting right in the middle,” said Patel. “When the car hit that table, the table went up high and the two people went flying.

Three people suffered minor injuries. The driver was shaken up but unharmed. The other injured victim was a man walking out the door from the restaurant.

“I heard the noise of the tire,” said witness Amir Eslami. “And I immediately saw broken glass and heard the scream of the ladies.”

The accident remains under investigation, the cause was not immediately clear. The driver claims she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

“Looks like they probably stepped on a little bit of the gas pedal as well, causing the car to actually go into the restaurant,” said Lt. Jerry Hara of the San Diego Police Department.

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